Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Because urethane is available in a very broad hardness range (eraser-soft to bowling-ball-hard), it allows the engineer to replace rubber, plastic and metal with the ultimate in abrasion resistance and physical properties. Polyurethane can reduce plant maintenance and OEM product cost. Many applications using this ultra-tough material have cut down-time, maintenance time and cost of parts to a fraction of the previous figures.


  • Polyurethane Rollers,
  • Polyurethane Roads,
  • Polyurethane Bush,
  • Polyurethane Tube,
  • Polyurethane Sheet,
  • Polyurethane Customer Molded Products.

   Hardness (Duro A to D )


60A       70A       80A        85A        80A    90A     95A


  • THERMAL RESISTANCE: Urethane products may be exposed continuous to a temperature of up to +900 C With a short term peaks in the vicinity of +1200 C. Even at as low temperature -620 C.  Thermal meet with excellent resistance.
  • HUMIDTY RESISTANCE: Urethane products may be  immersed  in  water  of  up  to  +500  C even over a Prolonged period --shows no deterioration.
  • REACTION TO OXYGEN AND OZONE: No traceable influence at normal atmosphere concentrations.
  • RESISTANCE TO AGEING: Urethane products have almost no effects are discernible at normal ambient Temperature and reasonably constant condition. Storage and use of urethane Products over an extended period present no problems whatsoever.
  • MECHANICAL DATA: Urethane products can be machined on ordinary machine tools with conventional Cutters (Tools should have a sharp Cutting edge).
  • RESISTANCE AGAINSTLUBRICANTS/SOLVENTS: Urethane products display outstanding resistance against oils, Solvents and fuels. Its application in contact with these liquids is perfectly suitable.
  • NOLSE ABATEMENT:  Makes excellent sound deadening and ant vibration Materials.
  • COLOURS: Almost any color combination under the rainbow is possible.
  • WEIGHT: They can be used to reduce a parts weight by up to 50% in the total Weight.
  • QUICK PROTOTYPE: Molds can often be produced from existing parts, and different materials can be tested to find optimum formulation for your application.


  • Belts
  • Metal forming pads
  • Wear strips
  • Bumpers
  • Gears
  • Bellows
  • Machinery mounts
  • Cutting Surfaces
  • Sound-dampening pads
  • Chute and hopper liners
  • Prototype machined parts
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Rollers
  • Roller covers
  • Sandblast curtains
  • Diaphragms